Photo by Kyle Skinner

Written & Photographed by Kyle Skinner

There is nothing more interesting than listening to people argue about camera technology on the internet… said nobody ever. Unfortunately, we are all currently trapped in a photographic landscape where for some, arguing about how to take photos and which equipment to take them with may be of greater value than actually being out there in the world and taking photos. This is a problem of increasing concern across many industries, but I want to focus on the camera industry specifically, as this magazine’s focus is clearly rooted in quality photography.

I am now a Sony shooter, having recently converted from Canon bodies. I did not consider Nikon equipment as the transition from Sony was logical for me as I could continue to use my Canon lenses if I saw fit. These three companies are currently the dominant players in the imaging market, Sony being the upstart with the best sensor technology, as well as having an established foothold in the overall sensor market. In fact, if you are reading this on your cell phone, Sony probably made the sensor for the camera contained therein. Nikon is increasingly licensing Sony technology, alongside their own incredible focusing tech, and impressive lens lineup. Canon… well I’m sure they’ll eventually come up with something new.

Kyle Skinner
Kyle Skinner

And in addition to the the three major players, there are a host of other manufacturers making wonderful equipment. Pentax, Fuji, and Panasonic to name a few. But I don’t want to keep naming names, and I don’t want to argue about tech. I am happy to inform others on the latest tech, I’m happy to explore the reviews and keep myself abreast of the latest developments, but I’m done arguing.

I want to take more pictures. And I want you to as well. Be it a medium format digital back you traded your house for, or the instant camera your uncle got you for Christmas. We have imaging devices in our pockets and purses that far exceed the capabilities of the best digital cameras available only a decade ago. And what do so many of us do? We argue about the capabilities of our various devices instead of stepping out into the world and exploring the possibilities.

As I’ve gotten older, I realized that our time on earth is precious, and I’ve begun to focus more and more on what I create, and I what I will leave this world when my time is up. Photography is a magical way to leave something for the world to remember you by. Never forget that even the most basic imaging sensor currently on the market is capable as a tool to create astounding magic to delight others, and to spark the imagination of the masses.

Use your tools, instead of being one.

Kyle Skinner